Hi, I am Austin! I started taking pictures/filming in 2015, I picked up a camera and started exploring from there.  I enjoyed doing photography/video so much I knew this is what I wanted to do for a living. I have put my whole heart and soul into this business and I love it so much. Mostly because of the people I get to meet and work with. In my films, I try and show you the emotions of the day. I want to capture your precious memories and make you an amazing film/photos so you will never forget the feelings you felt on that special day.

I am 22 years old (even though I don't look like it).  My favorite color is blue.  Ever since I was little I was into computers and technology.  I love to take things apart and see how things work.  I also loved making videos and slideshows of places i had visited.

Looking forward to capturing your precious memories for you!

- Austin McCoy

Our Core Values

Excellent Communication (100% upfront)
We strive to communicate as best as we can so your not in the dark about details. We are also 100% upfront with everything. 
Serve Others (We are here to help you)
Our goal is to serve you and your needs. We want to help you however we can, and sometimes that means going the extra mile to help you when you need it. 
Do The Right Thing & Be Responsible  (100% Accountability, No Excuses, 100% honest)
We strive to always do the right thing in every situation. We always tell the truth and we are 100% accountable to our actions. We will take 
responsibility with no excuses if we mess up, and do whatever we can to fix it.
Do Our 100% Best For Everything
We know that our couples put their hearts into their wedding — making them unique, memorable, and reflective of their own personal taste. We honor their dedication by giving our couples a beautiful final product equivalent to their love. We are hands-on with each project because we do not want to leave our couples with a generic and uninspired wedding photos — meaning, you won’t find us, “just showing up and pressing record.”
Raise the bar (Be Awesome, Create Awesome, Live Awesome)
We are always looking to see what we can do to do better so we can create you even better Photos & Experience!
We are constantly learning new skills everyday! 

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